The d-touch marker recognition system involves little or no floating point operations, so it is particularly suitable to run on mobile and embedded devices. An implementation is available on Symbian and S60 platform, also as native extension for PyS60, and it is currently used in a number of our own mobile HCI research projects. A pre-alpha version exists for Android.

As an example, on a Nokia N73 mobile phone the system run at about 12 frames per second (86.0ms per frame) in viewfinder (240×180 pixels). This level of performance allows the creation of an effect similar to mouse hover when a camera phone is pointed to a d-touch marker: the marker is highlighted in the viewfinder to show users that it can be selected.

The mobile version of d-touch is not yet publicly available, but we are interested in collaborations around it. If you have a specific interest or idea, please contact directly Enrico Costanza directly using <his first name>

Porting to other mobile platforms, such as iPhone and Windows Mobile, is currently on our (long) to-do list!